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  the velvet voice productions Entertainment agency international


      "he can take you into deep jazz or vintage classic love songs.       

                          even the toughest critics, who were not about to accept                               just any performance, became his biggest supporters."      

                       ~ Jeanne O' Sullivan Philadelphia Northeast times.                         

The velvet voice society was founded by international jazz artist darrell Cole. with a dream and drive to revive the passion of the timeless vintage classic magic that once swept the world off it's feet in the early 20th century days of wine and roses.  This multi talented Singer songwriter, actor, dancer, Broadcast Voice Over Announcer, Producer, Talent Agent and endorsed most authentic Tribute Artist of the Legendary Nat King Cole, traveled and performed in places such as Germany Japan St. Lucia, Florida, New York Las Vegas, Dubai and Abu Dhabi to name a few. It was never far from his mind the educational value of entertainment, namely music, that throughout history what obstacles artists have had to face in their struggles to make a direct connection with their audience. Entertainment never had a need to become a business or a service. It was just another way of saying hello with a smile and a smile in return.