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Darrell Cole or "Sir Cole," is the internationally known Jazz artist endorsed by the nat king cole society and the velvet voice society as the most authentic tribute artist of the legendary nat king cole in the world, due to his sound, appearance and character personification. He is your musical host extraordinaire and chaperone, escorting you through the magical, enlightening and timeless days of wine and roses. His incandescent voice, echoes through the ages, softly turning pages of the Great American Songbook while capturing the pure essence of passion, that once swept the world off its feet in the early days of the 20th Century and even today. Possessing the ability to captivate an audience, with his quick wit and timely phrasing, makes the stage is his home, as he carries one of the most prestigious torches in over 5 decades. Much like the era, the entertainment that captures attention is bountiful and yet, not all attention reaches the stage, as celebrities you've known and loved for decades, surround you, making their presence known, as you come to the realization that you are not only watching a show,  you are now part of a memorable experience.






































The Brazilian Invite (ABOVE) Is a formal request for the presents of "Sir Cole," to appear, open and host what is known today as one of the most prestigious nightclubs in brazil "club A." 


























The idea originated from a night club that Darrell Cole was responsible for opening in Orlando called "Jazz and Samba" Where cool jazz meets hot Samba, which wasn't opened for long before word of mouth to Brazil caught the attention of one very famous Television personality named Amaury Jr. and eight months later came the birth of the elegantly extravagant, "Club A."  Fashioned by some of Brazil's most elite of social gatherers such as Abbey Camacho R.I.P. and the famous Commodores who were also performing in downtown Sao Paulo and wanted to see  this " King of Jazz and Sultan of the bebop Swing, "Sir Cole." He is now nationally known in Brazil for his contribution to a legend.