The Velvet Voice Society's mission is to protect, preserve and support, the inalienable rights of the struggling artist and through educational mentorship programs and fundraising to prevent the intolerable exploitation of artist's livelihood . From the undisputed early works of art in the upper paleolithic period, known to be the sole property of the very first true artists, The Homo Sapiens of South Africa ( it's not a band, it's early man ), which dates back 73,000.00 years and still . . . . .   On January 1, 1978 title 17 of the copyright laws went into effect and still . . . . .   Even today the exploitation of artists finest timeless creations and the ability to re-create them in real time, has been exploited. We at The Velvet Voice Society, find Great joy in reuniting artists with the ability to once again enjoy their passion without interference. It's time that an artist, will once again, know not only the satisfaction of a Great performance but will also receive gratification in equal worth.     "So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again."

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